I want love. Or death. That’s it.
Love or death? Get off my case, Mathilda. I’m tired of your games.
There’s this really great game, Léon. Makes people nicer. Starts them thinking.

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Shakespeare & Company (Photo by A Nice Cup of Tea)
What’s the matter with me Mark? I don’t seem able to feel anything.
Dial M for Murder (1954)

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“I do not think it irresponsible to portray even the direst futures; if we are to avoid them, we must understand that they are possible. But where are the alternatives? Where are the dreams that motivate and inspire? We long for realistic maps of a world we can be proud to give to our children. Where are the cartographers of human purpose? Where are the visions of hopeful futures, of technology as a tool for human betterment and not a gun on hair trigger pointed at our heads?”

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Panic attacks..


Panic attacks..

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Miguel - Simplethings

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La prisonnière (1968)

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